BNLF – 24 hours of revels and complete madness!

How do you define a memorable event?

Pleasant people | Grand location | Lip smacking food |Exploiting adventures |

Whatever are your parameters, it’s time to swipe them all and clasp the new ones; the Disruptive BNLF just raised the bars high.

6 months ago..

I get a mail saying there’s gonna be an event in Mumbai in November. Claims to be world’s most disruptive blogging conference.

“Hmmm.” I sighed.

3 months ago..

Another mail from the Indiblogger team – The BNLF is gonna be packed with motivational speakers across the globe.

“Uff! Me and motivational speeches!” I moaned as I suspected if I was willing to be a part of the 2 day affair.

But then..

As days flew by and the countdown began, it dawned on me that the event was much more than just the motivational speeches. The sheer energy of the Indiblogger team, their positive vibes and the efforts and enthusiasm were felt in all their mails. There was a human touch to those mails that made them heartfelt. My heart skipped a few beats every time I received a mail from them.

Months became days and I was fortunate to be a part of the Indicrew – IndiWelcome and life couldn’t have been better.

The D-day dawned and I woke up even before the sun.

Striking events are treasured because of their meticulous details. And in the case of BNLF, each detail was magnified with maximum zoom lenses and scrutinized for any errors. Absolutely zero chaos in spite of thousands of people turning up, across the globe.

You could feel the warmth of the people, their enthusiasm to talk to you anytime, the air pepped with a fervent energy, a zest to network right from the moment you entered. And trust me, I am not exaggerating here.

The speakers for the Day 1 be it – Purba Ray, Arnab Ray, Bruce Dickinson, Anshul Tiwari, Jeff Bulas, Kanan Gill, no doubt scared us initially with their lengthy ppts and papers scribbled with speeches, but as the day unfolded, the so called motivational speeches turned to be inspiring and by inspiring I mean heart touching, something that would urge you to take up a cause or passion and work towards it. To build an empire by keeping your individualistic essence alive and following your heart.

The entire ambience was of an aircraft and the Indiblogger team made an effort to elevate our minds truly. We flew to a world of success, fame and a world of fantasies, where our hearts wanted to reside forever.

The mouth-watering food was just the perfect supplement we needed during the event and it sure played its role well. The soups, salads, and main course, each item was handpicked and ethereal.

We had a Mexican food truck outside that waited to be tasted and savoured.

Not to forget the different outdoor activities like the Segway, mountain climbing, golf etc. that kept us entertained throughout. I can’t think of a single moment that day, where I let lethargy peep in and spoil my mood. My energies were high all day and night. Did I just say night? That brings me to another favourite segment of the event – The Cocktail party. Delicious starters, drinks and a magnificent ball room. Does that suffice or do I elaborate more?

The BNLF was one big day of celebrations and felt like a month long vacation in disguise. An action packed day that was relished with warm memories and shall always be treasured as the day that redefined luxury, passion and relationships.

Here are a few snaps from the event –

Striking aircraft ambience - BNLF
Striking aircraft ambience – BNLF
The Band - BNLF
The Band – BNLF
Kanan Gill - BNLF
Kanan Gill – BNLF
The Aircraft that took us to a world of fantasies - BNLF
The Aircraft that took us to a world of fantasies – BNLF
Mountain climbing - BNLF
Mountain climbing – BNLF
IndiCrew - IndiWelcome team - BNLF
IndiCrew – IndiWelcome team – BNLF
Bruce Dickinson BNLF
Bruce Dickinson BNLF
Bloggers across the Globe - BNLF
Bloggers across the Globe – BNLF
The Grand entrance - BNLF
The Grand entrance – BNLF
Christoph Trappe BNLF
Christoph Trappe BNLF
Preeti Shenoy BNLF
Preeti Shenoy BNLF
The Chamber of Secrets BNLF
The Chamber of Secrets BNLF
My first attempt at Golf BNLF
My first attempt at Golf BNLF


What are your thoughts? Did you attend it too or missed it? Let me know! 🙂

2 thoughts on “BNLF – 24 hours of revels and complete madness!

  1. Great coverage of a grand event….!


    1. Hi Sunaina! Thanks a lot for the kind words! Did you attend it?


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